MONCLER GAMME BLEU 2017 spring summer fashion men’s series

Moncler Gamme Bleu senior men’s clothing line by virtue of designer Thom Browne delicate exquisite handmade clothing and tailoring skills, the perfect presentation Moncler sportswear and coats in the field of extraordinary quality and deep accumulation.

2017 spring and summer series will be the United States Boy Scouts and the concept of summer camp into the theme.

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Inspired by Boy Scout uniforms, the new collection is presented in three color combinations: full-color khaki in a serene atmosphere, clear-cut khaki / pure white / forest green / brown, and brown and green Dress section. This series includes a number of Thom Browne classic hand-tailored clothing boutique, such as sportswear, Chesterfield-style coat, windbreaker, shawls, cardigan, polo shirt and long pants, all with Union Monica can be highly representative of the high Technology fabrics, through the entire series of box-shaped pleated pocket, all the interpretation of the true meaning of the functional aesthetic.

Embroidery, laser cutting, thermal bonding, gum-screen printing, flash and matte finish, embroidery or sewing plaques are the hallmarks of this series of carefully crafted fabrics for their memorable high-tech details. Other more classic fabric applications are also emerging: twill goat, cashmere, mohair, seersucker stone cotton, cotton gauze, cotton yarn, jacquard weaving cotton, light summer cotton, oxford, knitted cotton, light cashmere, and include high-tech fabric plastic nylon and scratch-resistant nylon are included.

This season accessories are also special, outdoor footwear styles of shoes and canvas shoes, with a series of clothing with the same fabric and color; Ranger hat; box pleated pocket shape of the bag and decorated with leather details of the coarse cotton backpack; the knee socks with pocket design in both sides.

MONCLER starts its travel to Antarctica together with MICHELE PONTRANDOLFO

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In December 2016, it is the first anniversary of Antarctic Tour Challenge, Moncler joins hands together with Michele Pontrandolfo to challenge Antarctic tour. The explorers need to across the most vast ice sheet in this planet alone, this ultimate challenge exactly coincides with the brand spirit of Moncler.

In 2016, the tour of Antarctic opened a new chapter, the volition, strength and determination would be accompanied by polar explorers deep into Antarctic hinterland once again. Michele would challenge this unprecedented adventure in mid-November for the second time. In order to achieve his wish to become the world’s first solitary tour in Antarctic, he would walk on the vast ice sheet alone to resist the minus 40-50 ℃ cold wind.

In December 2015, Michele started his first expedition and ended in January of the next year. At that time, the weather was very unfavorable for the expedition: in the absence of wind conditions, the snow kite cannot drag with bear load in the snow on the front line of 4,000 km.

Michele said: “When the plane terminated in 2015, my heart was mixed, but there was no choice. In the terms of polar expedition, a slight negligence may cause big loss. Only a specific direction of the wind can help me to live through the long journey, the weather, wind direction and wind speed become more important than ever before. Although it should overcome many difficulties to accomplish the target, but my passion will never be retreated. Nature is an incredible force, and the ice is the natural element that gives me strength. Whenever the cold wind passing face, my body and mind feel free, reminding me of scenes to get new, even if the wind is too strong, blurred the horizon. It is very excited to start the Antarctic adventure again. Here, I would like to express the most sincere gratitude to Moncler, thanks to the brand’s support, so that I have the opportunity to complete this life goal.”

For the extreme cold weather in the Antarctic, Moncler will create all technical equipment for Antarctica Tour of Pontrandolfo: the Moncler Grenoble series as design inspiration for the clothing, seemingly ordinary but unparalleled integration of superior performance, making the functionality and technical to the extreme.

Michele Pontrandolfo set the target for the expedition as harsh as last year. He plans to across the vast Antarctic and reaches Geographical South in three months. He is about to face the altitude difference of 0~3800 meters, even to walk in the snow kingdom alone for 4,000 kilometers. Of course, this time, lonely traveler’s ally is still hunting wind. All equipment and supplies are put on the sled, when the wind blew the snow sail, Michele will be able to feel more easier and move forward quickly.

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